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XPEL Protection Is A Right Choice For Your Car

Xpel Ultimate Plus is a transparent film that is applied to the paint surface of your new or used vehicle. It protects the paint from stone chips, insect splashes, bird droppings, tree sap, and minor scratches. 

The Xpel paint guarding film regenerates itself: cuts and abrasions disappear when exposed to heat. The high gloss finish is identical to the gloss of the transparent coating on the existing paint, so the covered area looks exactly like the uncoated.

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The Xpel comes with a comprehensive 10-year warranty. Our assembly team is specially trained to ensure correct film application for best results. XPEL STEALTH has a satin finish; If your car has a matte finish, this is an obvious choice for partial, front, or full protection.

Matt-coated cars are much rarer than your typical glossy car. If your vehicle needs to be painted with sawdust or damage can be prevented by STEALTH PPF, fairing repainting can be more expensive and difficult than the average repair with a standard gloss paint job.

STEALTH can also be used to customize the glossy finish of your car, changing the look of your car and protecting it at the same time. The satin finish still brings out the color of your car, but with a silky satin finish instead of a glossy sheen.

However, if you look at the vinyl cover from a protective standpoint, the car is still vulnerable to damage. Vinyl will protect your car from minor scratches and the turbulence often caused by cleaning, but will not protect your car from rock chips or large scratches.