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The Best Kids Apps Available on iPad

Many parents know how great the iPhone is to keep the kids busy. Now that the iPad is out, a new generation of apps is coming out simply because of the enhanced display capabilities. You can now look for iPads in Bulk for Schools with the help of top wholesalers. 

A Whole World On A Single Island

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Almost all iPhone-based apps work with the iPad, but iPad-only apps have a marked difference in quality. Many developers quickly release updates for their iPhone-iPad apps and let you download the upgrade for free if you already purchased it for iPhone. 

Here are some of the best kids apps for iPad:-

1. 123 Color HD – 123 Color HD is a talking coloring book available in English, Spanish, French and German. This is an app for kids. It's fun, he never claims he's done anything wrong, and he rewards the kids with festive sound effects and spinning stars to get the picture right. The details of the iPad version have been significantly improved compared to the iPhone.

2. Ace Omicron – Ace Omicron is a fun spaceship shooter game with a new and improved version for iPad only. All versions in the same download and the correct version for your device will be installed automatically. 

This game is about 21st-century asteroids and kids love to shoot big rocks and enemy ships. Graphics and sound come first. Not much education here, but it certainly caught their eye. There are three game modes: Classic, Hyper and Twilight.

3. Throw! – Throw! is a simple puzzle game with a funny "soccer ball". It is a wonderful addition for both children and adults. The game's soundtrack is upbeat and makes kids feel like they're having fun while challenging their brains and logic. The gameplay is done by touching the soccer ball and moving it in one direction to deflect the different colored soccer balls.