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Mobile Development for Android

The Launch of mobile phones has made our life very easier than before. Nowadays there are various upgraded versions of mobile phones that are used like iPhone, touch screen phones, smartwatches, etc.

Users can get all computing applications on their mobile phones. With the introduction of Android, mobile technology has reached its next level. The technology used for mobile development Android is Java. To know more about mobile development you can visit this website.

247 Labs

Android is a software that has introduced an operating system for mobile phones. Android platform also includes a software development kit available from Google which gives app developers a rich set of tools for creating apps.

The SDK also includes all the APIs (Application Program Interface) needed to get started Android software development.

Benefits of mobile development for Android

1. The mobile development for android is user friendly. Therefore it is much more popular than the iPhone.

2. It has easier data transfer across different mobile networks. There are GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi services in android phones to transfer data easily.

3. Android phones offer separate libraries for 2D and 3D graphics. There are also some more libraries used for video, audio, and images.

4. Android phones have a huge number of features like it is integrated with touchscreen, video camera, and GPS.

5. Android platform uses SQLite database for storing data.

6. Android phones have Interprocess communication (IPC) for passing messages.

With the help of this platform, developers are able to create any type of custom app, either for sale to the general public, or for a specific client.