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Remove Back Pain With Physical Therapy

Back pain is considered a symptom of advancing age due to wear and tear changes in the joints that eventually involves ligaments and muscles.

Although, the spinal muscles are designed to sustain contraction and pressure for longer period of time without getting fatigued, with advancing age and some systemic or organic diseases, the capacity of back muscles to sustain pressure decreases, leading to the symptoms of back pain with activity. You can also visit to get professional physical therapy.


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In younger individuals non-traumatic causes are mostly trivial that resolves spontaneously, without leaving any significant morbidity or disability.

Involvement of bowel or bladder indicates a more neurogenic cause. Sometimes presence of one or more of the symptoms suggest the co-existence of a multi-factorial issue like long standing arthritic changes in spine that can lead to spinal stenosis that will eventually cause neural abnormalities.

Aerobic conditioning or high impact or vigorous physical activity should not be performed by individuals who have back-pain. However, in order to improve the stability and functioning of back muscles, low impact exercises are extremely helpful. 

These include swimming, yoga, cycling and brisk walking. Low impact exercises and aerobic conditioning help in detoxification of tissues that decrease the formation of free radicals and reactive oxygen species. Free radicals damage the tissues and delay the natural healing process.