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Prepare Your Swimming Pool For Winter

Summer is over and you have to spend more time indoors. In order to ensure the safety and fun of the bathers, you must prepare the pool for the winter right. This task is not difficult and time-consuming. Just follow these steps and you will get the right result.

For starters, you have to prepare all the tools and materials you will need for winterizing your pool. You will need a skimmer net and cleaning device. You can use a brush or vacuum depending on where you have at home. You can find retractable swimming pool cover from various online sources.

You must have all the necessary chemicals for the treatment of your pool. Check them to make sure they are not past the expiration date. Most importantly, you will need an in-ground swimming pool cover.

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There are various types available in the market. You can choose between solid and mesh in-ground swimming pool covers, so make sure you choose the right one given the weather conditions in your area.

The first thing you must do in order to prepare your pool for winter is to clean thoroughly. Remove all leaves and debris larger skimmers clean. Then rub the bottom and walls. You should pay particular attention to the corners and the area around the steps. Remove all algae spots, if any. Clean the filter of the swimming pool, you use the appropriate method specific to your facility.

You should clean your pool with all the chemicals right after taking samples of the water. Make sure the alkalinity and pH are intact. This applies to calcium and chlorine levels too. You can use a strong cleaning solution if you feel this is necessary.