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Diet For Healthy Hair And Hair Growth

Hair can lose its health and shine in a short time due to many factors such as weather, environment, bad product, or an unhealthy diet. Just as our physical needs to keep a healthy body, our hair needs to remain healthy as well and this can not be possible without the right amount of nutrients and minerals. Read this article to know more about hair vitamins and a good healthy diet for it’s growth.

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Our hair is composed of cells that contain a protein called keratin. These proteins need to be maintained with minerals and vitamins to make our hair long and strong. Maybe the wrong diet can lead to dry, flaky scalp and weak, brittle hair.

There are certain foods that should be prevalent in our diet. With this item in our daily diet, our hair will not only grow faster or get their shine, but will also be healthier, giving you that look delicious perfect to show off about.

High-quality protein

Since proteins are the building blocks of our hair, it is important to take a high-quality protein for healthy hair growth and strength, a lack of which can lead to brittle, weak and dry hair and hair loss.


Iron is an essential mineral for hair health deficiencies that can cause hair loss because hair roots will not receive an adequate blood supply through our veins.

Iron-rich foods can include green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, grains, wheat, meat, and fish.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron in the diet, because it is important to have a vitamin with iron. For example, a squeeze of lemon, rich in vitamin C, the spinach is wilted, which is rich in iron, can make a good combination to get both nutrients.