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Best Options for Stage Lighting

When you're putting on an event, whether it be a humble school play or an extravaganza, stage lighting rental is a must. Lighting is a driving force of your production, providing illumination, focus, detail and altering the perceptions of the audience.

There is nothing that so crucially conveys a mood better than a good lighting system, and with unlimited creative potential, it will serve as a huge asset to your production. 

You can hire lighting production company  to install the best lights for your corporate or personal event.

Focus, Position, and Hanging

Traditional stage lighting must be established with few considerations in mind. Focus refers to where the light will be pointing; position refers to where the light will originate from; hanging refers to the actual act of hanging the light. Colour, intensity, and pattern will need to be considered next.

Types of Stage Lighting

  • Ellipsoidal – these lights are the traditional stage lights and considered to be the most important. They are focusing on lights, the appearance on the stage of which can be altered by shutters and filters.
  • Fresnel – these lights are used for color washes on the stage.
  • Scoop – basically a floodlight. It can provide a fully lit stage or area.
  • Par Cans – these lights are the type you will see in even the dingiest of pubs. Always a hardy option, par cans can take a beating, are durable and easy to transport.
  • Followspots – these are spotlights used to follow someone around a stage.
  • Of course, there are more and more options available for stage lighting with the constant advance of technology. Now you've got the basics, here are a few more options:
  • LEDs – these lights are good for focused beams and have been slowly replacing traditional bulbs in stage lighting.

It's not an easy task creating a lighting plan for your next event, be it a concert, play or corporate dinner. Expert advice is your friend here, so talk to professionals about your creative vision.