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What You Need To Know About Granzyme B ELISA Kits

Granzyme B ELISA kits are a type of laboratory test used to analyze the concentration of granzyme B in a patient’s blood. This article will do an overview of the tests and their benefits and risks, as well as provide information on how to purchase this type of lab test.

How can I detect Granzyme B?

Granzyme B is a protein that causes inflammation in the body. It is associated with the release of immune cells to attack cells. This can be detected by an immunoassay test that measures if a person has been exposed to granzyme B. The Granzyme B ELISA kit is used to detect whether there has been exposure to this protein. You can also look for Granzyme B ELISA kits at

What are the symptoms of Granzyme B-positive people?

Granzyme B is an enzyme produced by the body for defense purposes. It is also known as granzyme A, granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor, and soluble granule protein preprogranulin. Its purpose is to increase and speed up blood cell production, as well as inhibit inflammation. Granzyme B positive people can have a lot of symptoms. Some of these include swollen hands and feet, puffiness in the under-eye area, and bruising easily.

Why is Granzyme B testing important in healthcare?

Granzyme B is a glycoprotein produced in neutrophils, a type of white blood cell. Granzyme B is used to kill foreign invaders and to help prevent infection by ridding the body of bacteria. Granzyme B ELISA Kits are often used in medical research to identify antibodies or granzymes that have already been detected in the body. This can help determine what the next step should be for treatment, prevention, or diagnosis.


Granzyme B ELISA Kits use a high-sensitivity assay for detecting granzyme B, an enzyme found in all animals with white blood cells. Granzyme B is known to release cytotoxic granules which are toxic to tumor cells upon stimulation by complement proteins from the innate and adaptive immune responses. Thus, it is possible that granzyme B can be used as a treatment for cancer.