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What Is Meant By Paintball Playing?

Two independent paintball shops were interviewed by me recently. In Central Pennsylvania, one of the paintball stores is located and the other paintball store is in Maryland. The explanation for these interviews arose from concern about how the economy is influencing them.

The first paintball shop in Pennsylvania, Wanna Play Paintball, was started in 1998. It will let me know how the Paintball culture, Paintball gun, and Paintball equipment are faring in this economy by being known for a long time. You can now have fun while playing paintball in Agua Dulce via

Paintball Game

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There are also fields and wood plays in this paintball shop. The interviewee told me that the economy hasn't really messed with the willingness of athletes to enjoy their beloved sport. The summer heat slowed down the paintball more than the economy. 

The most common style of play at Wanna Play is the woods player. They are referred to as woods ballers. Camouflage dresses for the Woodland players and his paintball weapons and paintball clothing are also camouflaged. 

The players had no desire to be noticed. This is Paintball's military version of the video. The region is popular, but not almost as popular as the forests. When asked which Paintball gun is the best seller, he replied sales of both the hopper and the paintball marker are about the same. When asked if the paintball gun is the top-selling, he responded that sales are around the same for both the hopper and the paintball marker.