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Treatments for Chronic Lyme Disease

Dealing with hundreds of trillions of frequencies cannot guarantee that machines can successfully and accurately fight current pathogens.

There are hundreds of trillions of resonant frequencies associated with different molecules and types, and frequency generators are usually set in the 10-100 MHz range. You can also get more information about Lyme disease at

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Some report that it can cure cancer, calcium, herpes, tuberculosis, typhoid, tetanus, influenza, spinal meningitis, and polio, but there are no peer-reviewed studies to support this claim.

Polarity modulation is a useful function of the frequency generator that prevents bacteria and viruses from multiplying. It is successfully used in products such as the ionic toothbrush, which helps prevent tooth decay and tartar.

The polarity technique is also very useful for people who are considered more sensitive during treatment, such as: Pregnant women as well as geriatric patients and children.

There are also fatal risks associated with frequency generation which should be considered with caution in immunocompromised patients. Frequency generators, without the support of a healthy immune system, or used incorrectly, can worsen symptoms or even lead to death.

Multi-wave oscillator

The oscillator aims to destroy destructive cells such as cancer, viruses, parasites, protozoa, and bacteria.

Recently, this technology has been used to eradicate Lyme disease and many coinfections, but there are no peer-reviewed studies for the large medical community that accept coil machines as a viable treatment.

Even without the promise of a cure, the swelling and inflammation often subside and provide instant relief from a very painful condition.