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Wear Jewelry As A Celebrity

Finding costume jewelry online is the first step. When you shop online, there are different prices. Whether it's a suit or a pretty ornament, at least there's something you can wear with your paws. 

Chandelier earrings, diamond necklaces, pearls – you say it and someone wears it. But who wears it better? If you come across a dress that you think is a better addition to the whimsical, headline-grabbing dress someone wore on the red carpet, then congratulations!

Crystal or pearl tips and colored stoned bracelets are some of the more elegant looks. Find a gemstone that matches or complements the color of the top. 

Celebrities Wearing Expensive, Big Jewelry: Photos

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Sapphires, aquamarine, and pearls look great with deep tones like midnight blues and bright sun hues. Emeralds look great with green, black, and silver/grey. Ruby red, rose quartz and amber go well with tropical or exotic styles. Balance the crystals with a vintage gold and silver cuff bracelet. 

Also, think about your everyday wardrobe in two ways: as a whole and as an individual piece. Which jewelry goes with which top? Can you use the accessory multiple times, both casual and dress? Which tops go with these pants? Can you change your miniskirt pants? Mix the pieces together and see what works. It may not be an exact copy of the paparazzi footage, but it at least evokes the same aesthetic.

There comes a time when you realize that you can reconcile practicality with "fairy tales" without sacrificing yourself. You may not have a 10×10 wardrobe, but you can definitely have spectacular choices when it comes to opening wardrobe doors that fit your lifestyle.