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Evaluating Machining Applications for Magnetic Material

There a variety of factors to consider when selecting the type of magnetic chuck for a machining application.

As an alternative to mechanical clamping of work-pieces, magnetic chucks are ideal for holding ferromagnetic work-pieces together. They are commonly used in grinding, milling, spark erosion and pallet-loading applications.

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pole configurations2

Magnetic chucks consist of an accurately centered permanent magnet face. Fixed pole pieces are brought into contact with electromagnets or permanent magnets. The work-piece to be held closes the magnetic loop or path, onto those fixed plates, providing a secure anchor for the work-piece.

To reap the advantages, a number of factors must be considered to properly marry the magnetic chuck to the application.

There a variety of factors that need to be considered, including:

Type of Material: Magnetic chucks only work with materials that have the ability to be magnetized. Paramagnetic or diamagnetic materials do not magnetize well if at all and are not good candidates for magnetic chuck work holding.

Material hardness, shape, and flatness of the work-piece material are also part of the material evaluation process.

Type of Machining: Machines and type of machining are important considerations for the selection of a magnetic chuck. Factors such as horsepower, spindle speed, and size of cutter or tool need to be considered.

Surface Area: Magnetic holding force is directly proportional to the surface area. Smaller parts that have less available contact area may require positive steps to overcome the forces of the machine. Irregularly shaped parts may require a magnetic fixture to securely hold the work-piece.

All You Need to Know About Magnetic Tape Strip

Magnetic tape is used to control and steer automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems. The transport system can be found in the automotive industry and the different large companies where internal logistical problems to be solved right and, above all, fast.

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Magnetic tapes are attached to the floor as self-adhesive tapes. To improve adhesiveness, the fixation of additional resins may be useful. Self-propelled transport vehicles follow a magnetic tape is placed on the ground so that they too can make a tight bend if required and achieve their goals precisely programmed.

Advantages of magnetic tapes

Magnetic tapes and partner vehicles forming a successful unit that offers many benefits.

Magnetic tapes ensure safe and proper operation. The logistics process flow is designed with a defined pathway. The risk of accidents can be reduced significantly by magnetic tapes compared to the forklift truck.

The driverless transport system very flexible and allows for many design options. With them, you can transport goods and merchandise of various sizes and with different weights to any desired location. Therefore, selection of industrial trucks is not limited to a particular type or size but can be customized according to the needs of the goods to be transported.

If the storage and transport system must be changed or adapted to the new conditions, it is possible with appropriate magnetic tapes and driverless transport systems, any time and without much effort. Any changes can be made and optimized even during the current operation.