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Know the Advantages of Steel Buildings

In the 1700s, people began using iron columns and metal beams to build walls. Iron columns and beams have been a popular feature of industrial buildings since then. In 1855, Sir Henry Basserner discovered steel. Steel became an integral part of bridges, skyscrapers, and pipelines.

Steel framed buildings have many benefits. Steel building frame components take less time to build than other materials. The construction costs and fees for steel are generally lower than traditional building methods. Steel frame components are lighter in weight and easier to maintain.

Steel is a lucrative and environmental-friendly construction source alternative besides being 66 percent recyclable. Steel has greater strength than any other metal. Steel structures are able to withstand severe weather conditions like hurricanes, high winds, earthquakes, and typhoons. It is also resistant to cracks, creeping and totting, as well as splitting.

Although the traditional wooden buildings are cheaper compared to the steel buildings, it is more cost-effective in the long term basis due to its lower maintenance cost. This will lead to lower insurance fees as the risk of fire is lower and certainly, lower labor and assembly cost. If one does not prefer the look of steel, steel structures can be covered with bricks or stucco.