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How to Choose the Best Solar Covers?

The greatest loss of heat and water out of your swimming pool is a result of evaporation. Even if the sun is shining down, the water reflects much of its warmth, and evaporation causes substantial heating of the water along with water loss.

A solar pool cover will help catch the warmth of the sun and prevent a lot of evaporation saving energy, water, and money.

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A solar pool cover might also be referred to as a solar blanket. Solar covers aren't safety covers and lay on top of the water in your pool.

They do not attach to the pool. Solar covers must be removed before using the pool. They are relatively lightweight and reels are available to make it simple for just one person to remove the cover.

Solar pool covers look like large sheets of bubble wrap. They are typically transparent but can be found in colors. The atmosphere in the covers absorbs warmth from the sun and transports it to the water.

Consumers of solar covers have reported savings of between 40% and 70% on the expense of heating their pools.

Most solar pool covers are offered in standard rectangular sizes. There are different options for pools that are irregularly shaped. There are round solar pads with magnetic borders which may be tossed into the pool and will work like a solar cover.