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The Growing Importance of Mobile SEO

Online marketers are increasingly embracing the practice of creating a mobile-specific search engine optimization strategy. An SEO platform conducted a survey and found that more than half of respondents believed that optimizing their website for mobile searches was essential for marketing success in 2013.

Mobile SEO will be crucial to future success. As mobile communication continues to grow, so is the importance of mobile search engine optimization (SEO). Many brands report that a growing number of all search traffic is coming from mobile devices. According to a recent study, 88% of U.S. hotel brands have a mobile-optimized website. You can also have a mobile SEO-friendly website with the help of an expert SEO agency such as

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Mobile-based SEO is driving the hospitality and travel market. Shopify, an eCommerce platform that is a leader in eCommerce, reported that 40% of its traffic would come from mobile devices. This shows that optimizing your web content to be searchable on desktop is not enough. Optimizing it for mobile searches will allow you to reach more potential customers and help you connect with them faster.

Increased Social Media Use on Mobile Devices

The 2012 Nielsen report says that the time spent by consumers on social media via mobile devices increased by 63 percent during 2011-2012. Social media traffic plays a crucial role in Search Result Page Result (SERP) ranking, especially after Google included social media posts in their search results. This makes it very important for businesses to provide mobile-friendly versions of social media pages and posts to improve traffic. Mobile search engine optimization strategies help you build such pages and create easy-to-read and push buttons for touch screen devices.