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Healing Yourself With Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) is an advanced non-surgical technique that can now be used as an internal procedure. Years ago, it was thought that platelets only function to form blood clots – or rather, to bind together in the form of bleeding to form a "plug" that stops blood flow.

However, recent research suggests that platelets play a much bigger role in the healing process than previously thought. When platelets accumulate in this type of injury, they not only form a plug to stop bleeding but also release growth factors. These growth factors, also called cytokines, help damaged tissue to heal.

PRP Therapy: Process

PRP therapy requires only a small amount of normal blood from the patient (about 20 ml). This blood sample is placed in a centrifuge in the office and spun for about 15 minutes. The end product is a highly concentrated platelet-rich gel as you can check out on 5 LINE BIOLOGICS when applied to damaged tissue, accelerates the normal healing process.

On the day of treatment, the patient is placed on a test chair and blood is taken from his hand. As soon as the PRP gel is ready for implantation, the treated area is injected with a local anesthetic, after which there will be no additional discomfort from the procedure.

Diagnostic ultrasound is used to confirm the accuracy of placement of the platelet-rich gel. A needle attached to a syringe filled with gel is then ultrasonically guided to the injured area. A simple patch is applied after the procedure. Because there are no surgical incisions, there is little or no pain after the procedure.