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Reasons To Use nopCommerce

nopCommerce is fast gaining reputation in the e-commerce sector and is quickly becoming the preferred choice for launching e-commerce websites. Here are a few reasons why nopCommerce is being opted for launching e-commerce websites.

The first reason why web developers have come to love nopCommerce is its ease of installation. Setup is extremely quick and the software is up and running within minutes. The software comes free and can be downloaded from the internet.

It has mobile device support and one can add an unlimited amount of products to the software. It supports both categories and manufacturers and any number of subcategories can be added. You can also check nopcommerce template designs at

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As far as navigation is concerned, it has a very good breadcrumb structure and you can also define your products better with the product tags and product attribute features.

Your site is thus made SEO friendly making it more appealing to search engines to crawl and index. It also the product feed feature which automatically uploads new products into product search engines such as Google's Froogle, Yahoo shopping, etc

The company has stayed true to its consumers and every new update is being made with even better customizations. nopCommerce is a platform here to stay and if you are keen on building your e-commerce website, then this is a platform that you should definitely explore.