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How to Find and Select the Right Graphic Designer For Your Project In Auckland

Your eBook is almost ready and you realize you need a stunning cover to promote it. The problem is, you don't have the skills or software to do this. 

Time to start looking for a graphic designer. You want a designer who can be relied on and who can truly reflect your vision at an affordable price. Auckland graphic designers can help you to promote your business online and make your website more attractive.

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Here are some tips on how to find a quality graphic designer that fits your needs:

Accept recommendations

Ask your inner circle, your support team, friends, and colleagues. Some of the significant others you have connected with online have likely received previous coverage and are happy to share their resources with you. Forums are also a great place to find recommendations.

Ask about their covers. They not only get an idea of their designer style, but they can also give you some ideas on how to create your own look.

search engine

Use a search engine to find graphic designers. Enter a few keywords or phrases and have a look. It may take an afternoon to get everything done, but in the end, it can be worthwhile finding the right people to work with.


When looking for designer websites, look for recommendations. If they have a link back to the customer's website, follow that link. Don't be afraid to contact the website owner and ask if their recommendations are valid. 

Regular customer

When reviewing recommendations, ask if they purchased other graphics from the same designer. Sometimes it's obvious if other graphics on the page have the same appearance. 

Sometimes it's not really clear whether a customer is buying graphics for a different website or product. If you are unsure, ask.