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All About Art Glass Decor

How much do you know about artistic glass? Dichroic art glass is the newest and most popular in the art world. Artists have created many unique items that bring beauty, style, and character to your home. This amazing material was first developed for the aerospace industry but has since been discovered and used by aspiring artists from around the world.

Here are examples of some of the beautiful dichroic art glass decorations available:

Dichroic Glass Gecko – This is the perfect centerpiece for the Southwest theme. Decorated with 24k gold swirl patterns and colored jewelry, the glass gecko is a good addition to any home.

Dichroic Glass Seahorse – Add a touch of tropical decor to your home with this bright and colorful ebony wall plate. This seahorse is designed with a three-dimensional element that will light up any room.

Dichroic Glass Zuni Sunrise – Looking for Native American decor? Then you will love this stunning wall art piece designed with a black base and gold rays that will surely make a statement.

Dichroic Glass Sea Turtle – This amazingly designed sea turtle is a dark blue color with a bright golden sun in the center of the back. It also has 24k gold accents scattered throughout the rest of its body.

After viewing some of these pieces, you will be captivated by their beauty and motivated to start your own unique glass art collection to add to your home décor.