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Making Baby Food at Home

Making your own baby food at home will result in savings of time and money, and give your baby a healthy choice for food. It does not have to be a scary mystery. Making baby food is easy and very cheap.

Your initial investment for homemade baby food should be very small. You will need:

8 ice cube tray

Quality freezer storage containers or freezer bags.

A Blender, if you do not have one,  you can buy a baby food blender through 

If you start with fruits:

The easiest one to make at home is applesauce. You can purchase a huge economy size jar of Unsweetened organic applesauce and simply open the jar, pour it into the ice cube trays, cover with foil and freeze. If you already make homemade applesauce, you can freeze that in ice cube trays as well. For babies, be sure you do not add the citrus to the applesauce unless the baby has already had it.

Bananas are just as easy. When they start to get ripe, fork mash them if you do not have a blender and put them in ice cube trays. Whenever you have a banana going to be soft, just mix up a batch in the blender and put it in the tray. If you are concerned about the colour (it will look a little brown) you can add a drop or two of lemon juice, again, only if the baby has already had citrus. You do not want to introduce two foods at once.

If you want to start with vegetables:

Pumpkin is the absolute easiest. Go to the hallway where you buy a canned pumpkin. Check the label. Some of it is 100% pureed pumpkin. This is what you need. Do not get any with added spices. Buy the biggest can. Open it and put it into ice cube trays. Wrap it in foil and freeze. Other very easy ones are Sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, green beans, peas.