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Facing How To Deal With Separation Anxiety In Dogs?

Dogs need company. It is not difficult to see why certain dogs are more affected than others. There is hope for your dog. We as dog owners often feel guilty about leaving our dogs, so we make sure to give our dog a hug, some attention, and affection before we leave. 

When we return home, we do the exact same thing and show our love by giving them affection. This is a confusing pattern for your dog. He will be anxious if you leave and more likely to be anxious if you return.

How to reduce distress in your dog?


Breaking the routine is the best way to reduce separation anxiety in your dog. We have listed the steps below.

1. You need to identify the exact moment when your dog feels anxious. You must first identify what triggers your dog's anxiety about separation. You might be triggered by the alarm, your breakfast routine, or the sound of your computer ringing so you can check your email before you head to work. 

2. You can change that part of your routine. You can make changes to the routine once you understand what's causing the anxiety. You can mix it up, and make it more interesting. Every little change will help decrease separation anxiety in your dog before you leave.

3. When your dog is anxious, do not reward them. Although it sounds absurd and may seem counterintuitive, your dog will be rewarded for anxious behavior if you lavish attention on them before and after you leave. 

Separation anxiety can be managed by being alert for signs and taking action at the first sign. Crate Training is another option to reduce separation anxiety.