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Points To Consider While Selecting ERP Software

ERP software evaluation is a demanding and tiresome task. Companies are very careful in choosing the ERP software because the ERP they choose will have a long-term impact on the company’s performance.

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These are the various points that should be considered while selecting ERP software.

TCO analysis: In addition to the cost of the ERP package, the cost estimate also includes costs for future upgrades, implementation costs, customization costs; software maintenance license costs, and costs for hardware, etc. In addition, organizations should clarify unforeseen and hidden costs with the ERP provider in time.

Integration with other applications/devices: Apart from ERP, the company uses several software applications. ERP can also be required to integrate applications such as mail servers, attendance systems, production systems, scales, barcode machines, etc. for data exchange.

The organization should discuss this issue with the ERP vendor itself during the evaluation phase. This interaction may also require the ERP vendor to interact with these machine/application manufacturers to verify that they can provide ERP vendor information in a computer-readable format.

Ease of use: The user-friendly interface of the ERP software enhances user acceptance. During the ERP demonstration, the company should check how user-friendly the system is. You need to review the navigation structure, the clicks required to open the feature, the breakdown options in the report, the graphic options, and so on.