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An Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer Can Change Your Results

There may be no common feeling worse than seeing those blue lights flash on behind you when you're driving home from a nice night out. Of course, there is no excuse or good reason to ever drive drunk. But things aren't always that simple. Good people have had their lives ruined through unjust charges relating to driving under the influence. There is a justifiable outcry from the community to keep the roads safe, but more than a few people have been caught in the net that doesn't really belong there. If you're among them, you might find that a dui defense attorney can change the results you get from the justice system.


Police and courts deal with drunk driving cases on a daily basis. Because these cases are traffic-related and excessively common, they are often handled through quick bench trials during which the defendant stands little chance of success. After all, the proof is right there, yes? The Breathalyzer doesn't lie, right? More often than not, feeling as though he has no other choice, the defendant simply pleads guilty. Perhaps he believes that taking this route will ensure that the judge shows leniency. But this isn't kindergarten, were telling your teacher the truth could result in a lessened punishment. This is the court system and the judge is likely to be indifferent to your "honesty".