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Freezing Coils – Why, And What To Do About Them

There are many reasons why you might notice your air conditioner, or especially the evaporator coils, freezing to ice. However, it is always due to the fact that the liquid does not adapt to the heat in the room at a lower temperature and, on the contrary, gives off heat at a higher temperature. You can get more information about residential fan coils via

In other words, saturation requirements are not met before the refrigerant reaches the compressor, causing a reaction that creates a condensation process that freezes instead of flowing regularly as expected due to the lower normal temperature. As soon as this is noticed, the first step that should always be taken is to turn off the air conditioner and let it defrost. Switch to heating mode for faster defrosting.

Since this is the main effect explaining the freezing phenomenon in the evaporator coil, there are some special influences that will inevitably lead to such a result. The first major and most common cause is related to the condition of the coil. Whether it's a very dirty filter or a clogged duct, your air conditioner will most likely freeze if the current is cut off.

In this case, the solution is very simple. All you have to do is determine the cause of the blockage and eliminate it. Disassemble the air conditioner or have a professional do it and clean everything to make sure this doesn't happen right away as this is quite normal with most HVACs.