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Know About Venturi Type CNG Kit And Its Advantages

Not all cars come with a Pre-installed CNG kit but you can get it installed from the authorized service center. You can confirm whether your car is registered under the list of ‘Approved CNG’ or not from the state Government website. If your car doesn’t come under the list, then you won’t be able to register it on the RC.

Selecting the right CNG conversion kits in Chandigarh can be a tedious task as there are several brands available in the market. Some of them are imported from Argentina, China, and Italy and some are a country made. There are mainly two types of kits available namely Sequential and Venturi. We will now discuss Venturi and its advantages.

Venturi CNG kits

Venturi CNG kit implies the mixing unit and how it transfers the gas to the engine. Venturi Kits are simpler and easier to install than the sequential kits. A venturi kit acts as a carburetor that pumps the amount of gas to the manifold of the engine based on the throttle input. This type of CNG kit can be installed on any vehicle no matter it is carburetor driven or fuel injected.

What are the advantages of using a Venturi-type CNG kit?

The major advantage of using the Venturi type CNG kit is its low-cost installation. It will cost around 35k for small cars like Wagon-R or Alto. In this kit, there is no additional ECU required, so the complications related to wiring or sensors are least and the system is relatively smaller than the sequential kit.