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General Information About CNC Machining

CNC machining stands for "computer numerical control" machining. It is a relatively new process in the world of machining which allows for increased efficiency through higher levels of automation and by allowing the machine and it's computer controls to do all the work. While CNC machines are expensive and complicated, they quickly pay for themselves by reducing the workload and preventing errors. You can check out the affordable CNC router at

The most significant benefit of CNC manufacturing is that it enhances automation, eliminating the requirement the assistance of an individual for certain aspects of work. CNC machines can be left in a state of no-maintenance for days or even hours when needed, allowing workers to concentrate on their other tasks. This also permits companies to employ less workers, which saves on costs associated with overhead.

With the removal of the operator this increases the security as, should there be any jam or hazardous machining error the operator won't hold the tool, so the most likely thing to be to be damaged is the machine itself. CNC machines are also able to work more quickly than human machinists as they're more efficient, faster and don't need to stop for breaks. They can also operated late at night after the majority of employees have gone home as they do not have to worry about getting tired or receiving overtime compensation.

Know All About CNC Stepper Motors

CNC stepper motors can be used on small and mid-sized CNC mills as well as milling machines, lathes and engravers. They also work with plasma cutters, vinyl sign cutters, and foam cutters. Other than CNC machines, stepper motors can be used in other applications like robots. These motors have high torque curves and low inductance. 

Because of their advanced torque curves as well as the low inductance, these motors are an excellent choice for high speed rapids and close lead screws pitches. There are two types of CNC stepper motors, the unipolar and bipolar. The full coil motor in the bipolar series gives you great torque at low speeds. You can also order them online at best prices at Automation Technologies Inc.

However, the greater the inductance quality of CNC stepper motors the faster torque will drop. Bipolar parallel motors, which use the full coil, are also available. Because there are fewer turns, bipolar half-coil stepper motors don't give high torque at low speeds. However, due to the CNC stepper motors' low inductance, the torque can be maintained at higher speeds.

Like any CNC motor, quality, reliability, and compatibility all depend on the brand purchased. Different brands offer different setups, options, and configurations between the CNC machines they manufacture and the stepper motors they make. These are all designed to work together. 

Depending on the manufacturer and the type CNC stepper motor you are considering, there are different wire configurations available for setting up quality. Manufacturers can provide diagrams to help explain the wire configurations and lead specifications.