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A Few Road Safety Tips

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Courtesy – caraustralia

Regardless of how experienced you are, following road safety tips is absolutely mandatory. Moreover, not adhering to road safety tips only leads to accidents and death in the worst-case scenario. No matter how good you are following road safety tips, these are some you may not be aware of.

  1. Do Not use your phone at the time of driving. Even if you use “hands-free” in your car, there are chances of getting distracted while driving due to making or receiving a call. Therefore, it is advised not to use your phone while driving.
  2. Do Use the Seat Belt – If you don’t wear your seat belt at the time of driving, there are chances of killing or injuring someone at the time of an accident. Therefore, it is vital that you wear your seat belt and also tell others to wear them at all times.
  3. Do Not Drink and Drive – A small amount of alcohol while driving is not safe. This is only going to make the situation worst.
  4. Do Not Drive Fast – Always follow speed limits whenever you drive. Over-speeding will only lead to accidents and even kill a pedestrian.
  5. Do Not Ignore the Children – At the time of driving, you are bound to face children. Always act appropriately while driving around schools, ice cream trucks, and colleges whenever children are present.
  6. Do take Rests – Feeling tired has contributed to about 10% of road accidents in the world. If you drive for long hours, consider taking a rest for a couple of hours before you start driving.

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