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Do You Know Which Type Of Cover Will Best Suit Your Swimming Pool?

The next step is to decide which pool cover will be best for you. It is best to identify the primary reason you want a pool cover. For example, is it to keep your pool warm and prevent water evaporation?

Solar blanket pool covers – Keep your pool warm and stop it from evaporating

The Best electric pool covers will stop pool heat loss and reduce evaporation. The solar blanket pool cover is similar to thick bubble wrap. It lies flat on the water surface and can magnify the sun's rays to heat the pool and retain the heat. 

A solar blanket pool cover can raise the water temperature up to 8 degrees Celsius depending on the amount of sunlight the pool gets. This could add weeks to the owner’s swimming season.

These covers can also stop water loss by evaporation up to 97%. These covers are attached to a pool roller, making them easy to remove and put on.

They also help to keep your pool clean by keeping leaves and other debris out of it. These pool covers prevent evaporation, which is a major cause of chemical loss in pools.

Protect your pool from leaves and debris with leaf and debris pool covers

A leaf and debris cover is the best choice if you want to keep your pool clean. These covers are made from a weave fabric and larger than the pool to create an overlap. The covers are placed around the pool at regular intervals to prevent any debris from getting in.