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Introduction to Hindu Astrology Studies Online

The sacred texts of the Hindus called the Vedas, are divided into two types. These are mentioned below::

  • Shruti (revealed knowledge)

  • Smriti (the practical application of eternal concepts)

The field of Hindu Astrology or " Jyotish (astronomy and the study of astrology)" is in the second category (ref. Self-Unfolding, a book of Swami Chinmayananda). The Hindu practice of astrology is also known as Vedic astrology or Indian astrology. It is believed that the Hindu culture is intrinsically intertwined with astrology, and isn't different from the older civilizations such as Greece and its Oracles of Delphi or the Mayan civilization, and its widely-respected Mayan calendar.

The earliest evidence of Hindu theology of astrology can be traced to as early as 6500 B.C.With the advent of internet technology,  it's getting easier for modern minds to understand the wisdom and spirituality of Hindu Astrology studies, which runs through the veins of the culture.


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The three primary components of Hindu Astrology include:

1. The Nine Planets ( Navagrahas The Sanskrit language is a variant of the Sanskrit language The Nava is Nine. and The Grahas represent the planets).

2. The twelve signs ( Rasis ) and,

3. The 12 Houses ( Bhavas ).

The locations of the planets within the houses and signs are illustrated in what is known as"the Horoscope."

Each of these components are archetypal energy sources with a unique significance attached to each of them. The dynamic nature energy (eg. Sign, Planet, Planetary movement) and the way to interpret them, along with the interplay between them are what makes the instrument of astrology able to direct your life.