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Akashic Record – A Clear Track of All Activities

Among the many interesting paranormal concepts of discussion, there is one that has always been a priority topic for many – the Akashic records.

It basically is a term that refers to the recording theosophy universal filing system that keeps track of every happening actions, thoughts or words. The records are said to be filed or impressed upon a subtle substance referred to as the Akasha. You can also learn more about cho ku rei symbol to get best health results.

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According to Hindu mysticism the Akasha is considered to be the nature's primary principle and from which all the other four natural principles namely fire, earth, water and air are said to be created. Also, these five principles are taken as a representation of the five senses belonging to a human being.

It is said that the events or content recorded upon the Akasha can be comprehended or read by some in certain particular states of consciousness. These states can be induced or brought about by weakness, drugs, meditation, illness and sleep. 

This means that not only the mystics, but ordinary persons can and in many cases do perceive or understand the Akashic record. Yogis or Mystics believe that the Akashic records can be well perceived or understood only in certain specific psychic states.

Certain people in their subconscious states do read and perceive the Akashic collections or records. This phenomenon is explained through the fact that Akashic collections are actually the macrocosm of an individual's subconscious mind. 

It is the responsibility of the collective subconscious to gather all the thoughts from each of the subconscious minds which can in turn be read or understood by other subconscious minds.