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How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis is often viewed as mumbo-jumbo by some. There may be some truth to it, but it is largely a stage show. Some are scared by it. Others are afraid that their minds will become jelly-like, and others don't know where to start.

We ask two questions: Why and how does hypnotherapy act? We'll be able to clear up a lot of misinformation and blot out the myths that have been built up over time, obscuring the fact that Hypnosis is the most powerful and efficient mind tool we have.

How does hypnosis work? It re-educates the unconscious mind, your habits, and your instincts. Let's look at an example. When you think about a person, you immediately feel nervous. Let's assume it's your boss. It's not because of anything he has done to you. He reminds you of someone who scared you as a child.

Your boss may have raised his voice like the other man. You felt a little hypnotized, and this caused anxiety. Although this would be called negative hypnosis it was still a very effective way to learn to be anxious quickly. You wouldn't be nervous about your boss if it weren't for the other man in your childhood.

The therapist would help you relax completely and make you feel confident and comfortable talking to your boss. The therapist would likely get rid of any fear you have about this man, as well, to ensure that you are happy with your boss.

It is as straightforward as it gets, in the end. Hypnosis has many subtleties, but it changes your emotional reaction to something.

It's about digging into your unconscious mind. In some cases, you may even go back to the time you were born. You are replacing one misguided instinct with another that is better for you and ultimately, makes your life more productive.