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Hernia Mesh Injury Lawyers In US

Hernia mesh lawsuits claim these medical devices are defectively designed and contain harmful materials shown to cause injuries to patients. Common injuries from defective hernia mesh include revision surgeries, chronic pain, infection, adhesion, bowel perforation, and obstruction complications.

If you have been injured by hernia mesh or suspect you have been harmed by hernia mesh, you may be entitled to compensation you can consult best hernia mesh lawyer in the US.

Hernia mesh lawsuits assert specific mesh products that cause unnecessary injuries. Some hernia mesh contains a polypropylene coating shown to be toxic. The FDA recalled mesh products showing a higher than expected failure rate.

Unfortunately, thousands of patients might have received a defective mesh device before any recalls were enacted. Plaintiff attorneys argue that using a defective mesh device is altogether unnecessary because safer mesh products or sutures can be used instead.

If you have hernia mesh, it’s important to watch for early signs of failure and immediately report any symptoms to your treating physician. Complications from hernia mesh can occur within days up to years following your surgery. Symptoms include unusual pain in the abdomen, legs, groin, testicles, and joints. 

If you have been injured or suspect you have been injured by hernia mesh, it’s important to speak with an experienced injury attorney in the US as soon as possible because there is a limited amount of time you have to file a claim.