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Helpful Tips for Choosing an Orthodontist in San Antonio

1. Select the orthodontist, not a dentist.

An orthodontist is a dentist who has received special training in orthodontic treatment in addition to having attended dental school. An orthodontist has completed an orthodontic residency involving two additional years of extensive training in this field.

2. Ask if the provider you're considering is a board-certified orthodontist.

In addition to completing an accredited graduate program in orthodontics, an additional step an orthodontist can take to further validate their expertise is certification by The American Board of Orthodontics. Achieving this status means that Orthodontists have passed the written examination and treated cases presented to the board of examiners expert for review. If you are searching for a certified orthodontist in Santonio then you can visit Comfort Dental for affordable and reliable dental services.

3. Select the orthodontic office that your child finds attractive.

Studies show that during treatment, compliance is an important factor. The more involved a patient with the dentist and the office in general, better the compliance, and the end result tends to be.

Patients who are excited about their orthodontic appointments tend to do a better job of practising good oral hygiene and following the instructions provided.

Finding an orthodontist who can adjust your payment schedule to work with families who fall on hard during treatment can mean the difference between finishing treatment of your child or not.