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Do You Have Glaucoma?

One of the leading causes of blindness worldwide is glaucoma, not only because of an aging population, but also because many people do not know that they have glaucoma. It often develops so slowly that the quality of vision barely changes or the changes can be attributed to age. The purpose of this article is to raise awareness about glaucoma and its effects on humans. 

Many cases of visual impairment are associated with aging, and most of them are applicable. But your Flint Optometrist can tell you that the reasons why aging can lead to vision loss have not been so well explained that it is almost a generic term for many related problems. You can also find the eye specialist for glaucoma in Toronto from various online resources.

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However, medicine recognizes glaucoma as one of the causes of poor vision so you can ask your eye care professional in Flint about the symptoms of glaucoma.

How does glaucoma develop?

Glaucoma is a type of eye disease that progressively damages the optic nerve and changes the optic nerve head and retina. Two theories have been put forward as to the cause:

1. The "mechanical" theory, which states that excessive pressure from the aqueous fluid damages the optic nerve tissue, while the "vascular" theory asserts that visual damage is due to neuronutrition deficiency. A new third theory states that changes in the internal pressure of the eyeball damage the retina and optic structures, making them more susceptible to damage. However, this third theory is still being studied carefully.

Do you have glaucoma?

If your vision is blurry or hazy, you may need to check your eyes for glaucoma. Therapies and treatments are available to minimize their effects, if not completely cure the eye condition.