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Choosing an International School For Expat Kids? Things to Watch Out For

Do you choose international schools for foreign children? Things that must be considered

You just moved to Bangalore. You want your child to experience the same standards of education and enjoy the same school atmosphere as usual at home. Then you have to choose an international school in Bangalore. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right international for your child. You can also choose best early education school in Netherlands via

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International on behalf of a school does not always mean international standards:

Just don’t use the word “international” for the name of the school. Many schools across India use the word international in their names but offer a local standard of education.

Therefore, it is advisable to look further than the name to determine whether the school is truly in violation of international standards in all aspects – from infrastructure to quality of teaching staff to management and ethics guidelines.

Is the curriculum international? Check if the school offers an international Bachelor (IB) system for training. Most schools in the US and Europe follow this pattern so that your child can adapt more easily to this curriculum. In addition, the international IB school takes a holistic educational approach in which academic and extracurricular activities are at the forefront. Therefore, the focus is on the comprehensive development of your child.

World class facilities or just local tickets? Check if the equipment provided is world class. In terms of infrastructure, ensure the classrooms are air-conditioned and the laboratories are well equipped.

Did you check whether the faculty is internationally trained? Some international schools in India even have teachers from various countries. Take a walk around campus to make sure that the look, feel and appeal is truly international – a place that will make your child feel safe at home.

Cool tip: check out the cafe to see if the school is truly global. A good way to find out if the school is truly international is to visit a cafe and try the food there. If you can find cereal and spaghetti for lunch, you can be sure that as a child you will feel right at home in the new school.