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Hostels Rules You Should Always Follow During Your Stay


When it comes to staying in a hostel, it is indeed a lot of fun. You get to hang around with other travelers at common rooms, enjoy parties at night by playing a few drinking games, save a lot of money, etc. However, following the rules of the hostel is something you should not only consider but follow at the same time. These are a few helpful ones.

  1. If the Lights are Off, Do Not Turn It On –When you someone sleeping at night, try to avoid switching on the light. You need to understand the fact that there are a few travelers who may wish to sleep early in the night. Therefore, switching the lights on will result in disturbing their sleep along with unnecessary problems. Therefore, use your flashlight if you required light assistance.
  2. Be Silent Especially at Night –Hostels tend to be on the noisy side during the daytime. However, the same cannot be said during the nighttime. If you want, you can still hang around with other travelers at communal rooms.
  3.  Keep the kitchen and Toilet Clean – This isn’t rocket science but keep this thing in mind. If a traveler sees this deed, they too will follow you.

These are a handful rules to follow while staying in the best hostels in Bangkok.

Swan Valley Mini Golf for Kids


The mini-golf course at the resorts, the stunning landscape miniature golf course with wine barrels, tractors and the timber cumulatively makes the Swan Valley the perfect pitch to spend holidays. The course is built keeping in mind about both adults and children. Let us see the offerings of the mini-golf course at the valley.

The mini-golf course is open for a family game with the choices of red flag and a blue flag to aim at. It has a different experience to enjoy in more than one way and has a number of challenges. Challenges include sand traps, slopes, and hills, bridges, waterways, and tunnels. The dress codes are not mandatory for this golf course but footwear is a must at all times.

As mentioned at the start, Swan Valley Wine Tours are not necessarily for the adults and it’s a kid-friendly eating location too. The major eateries available are –

Oakover Ground – A place with a beautiful setting and casual food on the lake is amazing to experience. Option for peddling boats and fishing makes you feel lucky to have a tour here.

Coffee House and Taylors Art – One of the favorite, fluffy pancakes and coffee with art to gaze at makes it a great location. It has a kids menu and casual sandpit building is fun.

The Hen – It is built with loads of character art and the country vibe paired with a tasty lunch is a thing to experience at the Swan Valley. It has a lot of space for kids to run and play ball games around.

Try Out These Popular Food in Philippines


Food is one the reasons that defines the true beauty of a country. Philippines in South Asia is a popular country that offers surprising and delicious flavors from the food to tourists. Instead of spending the majority of your time in the already beautiful beaches, shopping malls and other activities, consider trying out some of the best food. These are a few popular foods of Philippines you should definitely try.

  1. Balut – When you first look at Balut, you will feel weird. However, it is quite popular amongst locals. Balut is nothing but a duck embryo (during the early stage) egg which is boiled and then served with vinegar. Majority of the locals eat this as a snack.
  2. Kinilaw – If healthy food is what you crave, then try Kinilaw which is a fish salad. The fish served is raw which served at its freshest stage by adding vinegar and lime juice. The lime juice makes the fish digestible even when it is eaten raw.
  3. Chicken Adobo – Although chicken is the main meat, you can also have it with pork marinated with vinegar, soya sauce and few local spices. After the margination, the meat is cooked in a metal pot or wok although, a few locals use clay pots to for cooking this dish.
  4. KareKare – karekare is a traditional oxtail stew made with the help of onions, peanut butter, garlic, vegetables, shrimp paste, chilies and lime juice.

Your travel tours in Philippines is bound to be great provided you look for the best tour operator to book your tickets.