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Benefits Of Summer Reading Programs In Charlotte

Summer reading is critical for students to retain knowledge and skills learned in the previous school year. Students who don't read are at risk of falling behind their classmates. Parents and teachers can avoid this by making sure kids take time to read.

Summer reading is critical to a child's ability not only to retain the information learned the previous year, but also to develop their knowledge and critical thinking skills over the next year.

The benefits of summer reading programs are well documented. In fact, Charlotte summer reading programs for kids have been around for more than a century and continue to do so because of their immense benefits.

Summer reading programs come in all shapes and sizes, from online reading and answering questions, reading library books, to daily 4-hour programs to online delivery family programs that incorporate fun family activities into the program. 

The advantages of a summer reading program are:

• Improve reading skills

• Increase reading pleasure

• Increase self-esteem

• Neutralize summer learning loss

• Improve understanding

• Improve memory skills

In general, summer reading programs actually improve children's reading skills and increase their reading pleasure. In addition, according to the Journal of the School Library, participants not only reduced the loss of education in the summer, but even demonstrated gains.

Most children develop an interest in reading, improve their understanding, and develop their memory. Reading material content becomes more interesting.