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Beginner’s Guide to Hatha Yoga and Meditation

Hatha Yoga originates from a 5000 year old system of movement and meditation that aims to promote a healthy body, mind and spirit. It mainly consists of a series of stretching exercises known as asanas combined with breathing techniques and concentration methods. You are probably familiar with the classic lotus position, which is one of the most important meditation positions in Hatha yoga for beginners at Sewall House Yoga Retreat.

The main purpose of Hatha Yoga is almost the same as other forms of yoga practice. It seeks to fuse the individual mind with the larger mind of the universe and promote health of mind, spirit, body and emotions. Hatha Yoga is designed to help practitioners gain inner peace and a sense of oneness with the universe. Remember, no matter what type of yoga you choose, focus is a very important factor.

Hatha yoga consists of breathing exercises and postures and postures to strengthen the human body. Hatha yoga is basically a slow and calm form of yoga. It is ideal for those who want to prepare themselves, their bodies and minds for a higher level of meditation, as well as for those who want to relieve stress in their lives.

With yoga being practiced in various forms around the world today, it can be confusing for beginners to understand what the various forms mean and whether they are all useful. The truth is that hatha yoga is the basic form of yoga, its postures and positions, also known as "asanas". 

Almost all yoga poses and positions can be done and practiced by anyone, including those who are not very flexible or strong. If you are a novice yoga practitioner, they recommend that you allow your hatha yoga session to last between 30 and 45 minutes. However, if you are an advanced yoga student, your sessions can easily last from 90 minutes to several hours.