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Applying Italian Citizenship And Become Italian Citizen

Obtain Italian citizenship is regulated by law 91 of 1992, and the changes made by the law 94 of 2009 and n.132 of 2018. The changes established have raised increased difficulties in sending and receiving applications.

With these points in mind, it becomes necessary to have the assistance of an experienced professional when applying for citizenship, to ensure that you meet the necessary requirements to apply. To get more information regarding how to apply for italian citizenship you may go through /.

apply for italian citizenship

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Italian citizenship: who has the right

Qualifications to become Italian citizens depend according to the status of the applicant. Citizenship may be obtained in different ways, including birthright citizenship 'jus sanguinis' (ritual blood) and 'jus solis' (law of the land), through marriage, naturalization, and other special circumstances.

  • Those who are born in Italy are their automatic citizens , unless the parents are citizens of Italy; those born in Italy to foreign parents are eligible to become Italian at 18 (age of majority).
  • When a child is adopted in Italy to be recognized as an Italian citizen if one parent is or they choose to become citizens at 18.
  • In the case when children adopted or born in Italy by non-Italian parents, then Italian citizens must be made within one year to turn 18.
  • If the parents are cohabiting to obtain Italian citizenship, their child will be automatically entitled to citizenship, as well.